We Classify the Web

Verify all 3rd party Traffic sources – manage Brand Risk

Instant Website Categorization

Categorizer quickly and accurately categorizes websites. It’s the most accurate website category database with hundreds of millions of websites pre-categorized for faster response times.

The largest, worldwide database of URLs and websites. Allowing you to get instant and accurate data on what content your business, your brand, or your teams interact with. As the internet constantly expands with more websites, more data, Categorizer.net automatically adds the new information to its database to ensure real time, accurate content categorization for your business, your school, or your organization. Hundreds of customers worldwide rely on Categorizer.net to accurately classify websites.

Worldwide Coverage

Millions of Domains & Website Content Pages.

Hundreds of million domains in our database. Our Website Category Database is automatically updated as new URLs and websites are added and removed from the internet. NEW domains and content are automatically updated in real time. YOU are in control of the websites you engage with, the content you will accept, and the enhancement of your customer experience. Categorizer.net is the best platform to categorize websites.

Real Time Ad Blocking

You can classify websites and URLs and eliminate ads that interfere with your Customer experience.

Enhanced API tools ensure publisher see a 15-25% improvement on customer engagement and visits to their websites. Blocks unwanted 3rd party Apps and Browser extensions that allow unwanted 3rd ads to interfere with your customer experience. Categoizer.net API tools BLOCK the unwanted 3rd party ads, phishing scams, malware, redirects, that interfere with the customer experience on your website, spoiling their experience and in many cases, redirecting your customers away from your website.


Simple plug and play API implementation. A very easy to use and implement tool that can be placed on your websites pages. Click on the link here to sign up and collect our API tool and start monitoring the content of websites that engage with your business.


Up to 25 domains for free. Sign up for a subscription here for access to the entire website category database.