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Website Classification Service on the market


This is simply a process for classifying the content of a website into pre-defined categories. Many 3rd party analytics companies and security tools rely on website classification to safely provide their services. On a larger scale (i.e. millions of websites) companies like Categorizer use sophisticated algorithms to accurately present the classified data. Categorizer.net is the best platform to classify websites


URL classification is used for specific websites, to provide a deep review of their domain, ensuring the website context is consistent and there is no misrepresentation. This is important when there are segments of users who may want to block, or blackslist certain content. It’s also useful for marketing and advertising purposes, so that only relevant content is presented to the consumer.


This generally refers to a group of websites that offer similar information or similar themes to an audience. Allows for online users to reliably research and compare a number of websites in the same customer category.


Generally used by marketers and advertisers, this allows for ongoing monitoring and fact checking to ensure website content stays consistent, and ads are not displayed next to non-relevant or inappropriate content.

Brand Safety

Brand Safety is about keeping a brand’s reputation (as defined by the brand) safe, when advertising online. Investment in brand equity is very valuable for a business and can be negatively impacted when the Brand is associated with non-relevant or damaging content. Large industry groups exist (i.e., IAB) to provide tools and guidance on how a brand can manage their presence on the Internet.

Website & URL Blacklist

This is a list of websites and related IP addresses that are believed to distribute spam (or worse, malware, phishing, etc). All providers should have an up-to-date website & URL blacklist to ensure customers are not exposed to or advertise on any of these blocked websites.